Friday, May 1, 2009

Project Ten Pan

As I have told you in my April Update video: I said I would be updating project ten pan here.

Im actually a little bit behind with this, cause I have finished 5 more products than this...but this is the first batch of finished items.

Yep; its ten! know what that means!!

So far I have bought
-MAC 15 palette
-MAC brush cleanser
-MAC graphblack technakohl
-...i feel like there is one more thing im forgetting..whatever lol

that means i can buy one more thing before i have to finish up another batch..

let me know your input about p10p in the comments!



Abbie said...

Those mascaras look

jbfan&cameos'mom said...

I have that maybelinne eyeliner, eye m/u remover (until I finished it) and a tad left of the smashbox foundation.

makeupblogger said...

@abbie they were crazy old lol

makeupblogger said...

@jbfan i love the mu remover. but i hated the foundation

RaynaRAwrXx said...

haha project 10 pan is a good idea! im doing it too=]

Anonymous said...

i think this is a good idea but it seems like you would be rushing to finish makeup so you can buy more