Thursday, May 21, 2009

update #2

No pictures for you today.
Just a little explination for everyone wondering why i havent uploaded any videos lately [cause usually i upload tons] i have been bed ridden with mono.
And yes you can get mono from kissing. BUT you can also get it from drinking after people. Im not sure how i got it, and frankly...i dont care. I just want it gone. My tonsils are swollen so i cant the last thing i can do it make a tutorial or a video. And I cant even think about putting on makeup right now. SORRY guys. Ive been dying to post a vid. :/

Best of Wishes


Sasha said...

Aw, hope you feel better soon!

Sara said...

I am so sorry I hope you get better, I got mono when I was younger and had it for 5 was horrible. Then I got it again 2 years ago...but I really hope you feel better, I miss your vids. lol =]

Anonymous said...

Hey, i hope you get to feeling better. sorry to hear that you are sick.