Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wishlist update

I got my TFSI

Im not sure how i feel about it in comparison to UDPP.

I think i might like UDPP better :/
oh well.. I had to try to figure it out.

-MAC Rose Fix+ from the rose romance collection[realize..i dont need]
-UDPP/TFSI..idk which one
-MAC 15 pallete
-MAC MoistureLush Creme[trying other brands]

-MAC Brush Cleanser
-NARS Deep Throat
style warrior!!

new addition

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

sjlovesmac contest entry


-88 palette
-mac paint in bare canvas
-nyx jumbo e/s pencil in strawberry milk
-mac blush in sweet william

my hair was loose waves to kind of match a spring goddess.

this is the picture i was inspired by. its completely gorgeous!

in with the new

Im retireing these products that i used to use in the winter.
-Estee Lauder Foundation [its just getting too heavy for summer wear]
-Mac Sweet William cream blush [i dont want this melting of my face]
-MAC fluidline [ill probably stick with eye pencils this summer-in fun colors!]
-MAC powerpoint [this is way too mushy and dark for summer]
-Sally's charcoal eyeshadow from lauren [i want to move to lighter colors!]

Out with the old, in with the new.

Im starting to pick up these products for summer:
-2 sephora quads [i havent used these in forever-they are really shimmery and fun]
-MAC lipstick in marquise D [yay for pretty pinks]
-Covergirl tranquil sands [need i say more? its GORGEOUS]
-bare minerals foundation [perfect summer foundation. plus spf 15]
-Neutrogena coral slimshine looking thing [corals are so in]
-chanel eye kohl [i know its dark..but i just need to finish it up lol]

do yalll have any colors/products that you are whipping out for summer. tell me in the tagboard [:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

loreal true match

See all Makeup reviews at Expotv

sign up for expo here


today i woke up...and school got cancelled!!!! due to rain [:
i was thinking last night about how i need to learn to draw because im taking art next year. i looked up on how to draw fashion designs and realized i needed to learn how to draw bodies.
ive drawn a couple bodies, and i moved onto designs.

they arent that great...but then again i learned in like 4 hours lol.
each of these took about 8 minutes and i made up these designs by myself.

i hope you enjoy them and leave me any comments in the tagboard [:

Sunday, April 26, 2009

wishlist update

-MAC Rose Fix+ from the rose romance collection[realize..i dont need]
-UDPP/TFSI..idk which one
-MAC 15 pallete
-MAC MoistureLush Creme
-MAC Brush Cleanser
-NARS Deep Throat

im hopefully getting tfsi, moisturelush and brushcleanser this weekend when i go shopping at my mall. and maybe picking up some lush

Sunday, April 19, 2009


a couple people have wishlists, and im doing one...mostly for me; so i can remember what i really want! lol.

-MAC Rose Fix+ from the rose romance collection
-UDPP/TFSI..idk which one.
-MAC 15 pallete
-MAC MoistureLush Creme
-MAC Brush Cleanser
-NARS Deep Throat

Friday, April 17, 2009

softnote tendertone

If anyone has this, consider yourself blessed. I would check out a cco to see if they have this tendertone, because its a great way to wear purples. This tendertone has spf of 12 and give such a great shine, without being sticky.

let me know if you have this!
write in my tagboard and ill love you

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In and Out 3

Ok, sorry for the all text posts lately.
Ive been busy.

-getting 2000 subscribers by may 13th
-valleygurlfrmhell being the sweetest person ever.
-@replying me on twitter.
-fleshpot/florabundance...yes i still love it.
-amber lights/nehru
-my new mac QUAD yayy!!


-sleepless nights
-people not reading my annotations GRRR
-slow shipping [im impatient]
-dry skin
-undereye circles
-....nothing else right now.

hope you enjoyed.
leave me love [:

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

really short post...but i got my laptop back

just letting yall know!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

इन एंड आउट #3

sorry that this is just a lame all text post. but i still dont have my computer back.

-buying mac [ihaveanaddiction]
-becoming a youtube partner. i really want to badly, but i dont have enough subscribers/viewers yet. so i just have to wait it out
-tanning. which i should be doing soon...but its always cloudy
-contests. i really want to enter xteeeners contest.
-commenting on my videos [: it makes me happy.

-slow computers
-broken computers
-having makeup dry up
-having a camera that cant edit. OMG I HATE MY CAMERA. i think i need to buy a video camera :/

write in my makes me happy [: