Friday, May 27, 2011

Back for the Summer?

Hey everyone!!

Of course I've missed all of my beautiful followers so much. You may be reading this because you were directed from my video, or you may be reading it because you follow my blog, which is even better! As you may know I have begun posting videos on youtube again. I am doing this because I absolutely love making videos and I missed it so much. I stopped making videos this year because I knew I had to focus on school and on my family, because youtube really does take a great deal of time. I did not want to be just posting videos every other month, so I decided to take a hiatus. I did not want to post my first video explaining why I was gone because I thought it would be a waste a video and I could just direct you guys here. I hope to constantly be making videos this summer and I hope to get some great feedback from you guys.

I love you all very much.

Friday, January 21, 2011


I bought a couple items for a giveaway I was planning to do a long time ago...So today is the day!! haha
These two items have been in my favorites countless times!

NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Milk- I use this everyday and Ive only sharpened it twice!! hahah

NYC Lipstick in Fragile Pink- This is a great color I wear to school everyday.

Im giving away both of these new and unopened.
All you have to do is:

Over 18 or ask parents permission

(1 ENTRY) Follow my twitter: here comment below with your twitter username
(1 ENTRY) Comment my Luuux review post stating what your favorite lipstick is: here
(5 ENTRIES) Purchase something from my jewelry sale: here

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tory Burch Makeup Bag

My wonderful sister got me this pink and orange patent Tory Burch Makeup Bag. Its available at Saks, but I'm not sure if they still have this color combo. I know they have it in black and blue I think.

Now I dont keep makeup in this bag. I put it in my schoolbag to keep small things that I dont want floating around.
Here are the usual things in it:

My Phone: I honestly dont know the name or anything...but its an HTC smartphone haha
Altoids: hmmm why do I carry these with me. They are too strong for my taste, but maybe I'm hoping I can offer them out to other people haha
Perfume Adomizer: Is that even what its called? Well anyways, thats the little silver thing laying there. It holds my J-Lo Perfume in Live. It smells really sweet but I love it
Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer: The scent is market apple. It smells amazing and comes in handy at school.
LUSH Smitten Hand Cream: This kinda smells gross....BUT IT FEELS AMAZING
Notepad: This isnt always in there...just when I'm shopping and stuff to keep me on task

MY kate spade card holder...Ill probably put it in another post. It holds my credit card, gift cards, license, and cash!!

What is in your makeupbag/pouch thingy


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Current Product Obsessions 1/9

I dont have too many obsessions right now. I didnt want to write about something I didnt ABSOLUTELY love. I'm kinda in between liquid and powder foundations right now.

MakeupForever Camouflage Concealer Palette
I absolutely love the peach color for undereyes. I use it almost everyday as you can tell from the picture.
These concealers are SOOO CREAMY. But the weird thing is that some of them are more creamy than others...Idk how I feel about that haha.
In the summer I use the middle color, and in the winter I use the right two colors. Sometimes I blend the green into the concealers to not make it too opaque green.
The great thing about this is that it stays all day, its good coverage, and it has every color for all year round.

Lip Combination: Revlon Apricot Fantasy + Revlon Pink Pout (#120+#002)
I always apply the pearl finish Apricot Fantasy first because Pink Pout it a matte, so I love the layering affect it gives me. I also feel like the apposing colors or peach and bright pink combine to give you the perfect color. It has so much dimension to it and its not like any other color you can get with just one lipstick.
Even if you dont own these lipsticks, I really recommend layering lipsticks to try and find your favorite combination. and if you already have one...Let ME KNOW!!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jewelry Sale

These are just some cute jewelry pieces to buy

Shipping is $2.00 with some exceptions
Send your request to either or leave a comment below (I prefer by email)
Send my your paypal email and I will send you a payment request.
Email me about the shipping exception
100% Feedback on Makeupalley under cnwallace

Big Pearl Earring/Necklace,Bracelet Set $3.00 (not swarovski)

Set of Three Pearl Bracelet $1.00

Pink and Blue Icing Brand Earrings $1.00

Black and Genuine Crystal Earrings $3.00

Heart Hoop Earrings from Accessorize $1.00

Blue Flower and Droplet Necklace $2.00

Tribal Style Hoop Earrings with Beads $1.50

Pink Stone Earring and Necklace Set $3.00

Claire's Pink and White Bead Bracelet $1.00

Blue Stone Accessorize Earrings $2.00

Pink Stone Pendant Necklace $2.00

Pink Pearl Bracelet $1.00 or FREE with any 3.00 purchase

Set of 5 Jade Green Bangles $2.00

Pink Beaded Wrap Bracelet $2.00

Purple and Blue Wrap Bracelet $1.50

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

FOTD: Shopping!

This is the makeup I wore this weekend when I went shopping.

The outfit is in my last post:

Here is a picture of all the products used:

For a more specific look on my eyes:
NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow pencil in Milk as a base.
MAC Helium Pigment on Lid
MAC Rich flesh (medium brown) in crease
MAC Shroom on brow bone.
MAC Liquid Eyeliner in Brown

Today was a more neutral day.
Are you a neutrals fan or a colors fan.
Let me know in the comments below along with any comments about my look.

Monday, January 3, 2011

OOTD: Shopping!

Today I went shopping with my mom, sister, and grandparents. Then later my boyfriend met up at the mall.
My sister and mom had a appointment at the apple store...which was a ZOO! when I walked in everyone had a pissed off look on their face from waiting.

I then proceeded to James Avery to pick up my charm bracelet which had a charm attached...maybe Ill do another post on it.
The best part about that was that it was free!!

Heres the outfit!

BOOTS-Charlotte Russe
excuse the mess in the backround!! hahah


WATCH-Swatch White Full-Blooded

PURSE: Marc Jacobs Totally Turnlock L'il Shifty in Wild Mushroom

This is new...I'm going to do a whats in my purse blogpost about it once I use it more.


(dont forget to leave any comments!! I love reading them)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Birthday and Christmas Lush Haul

My Boyfriend got me a couple gifts from lush for my birthday and christmas. I havent tried all the things in these sets yet..but here are the pictures:

I dont remember the names of everything but this one came in snowflake wrapping

this is the matryoshka doll. It smells like apple!! I never want to unwrap it!

These came in the honey kit.

This hand cream doesnt smell that amazing...but it feels amazing!

Honey I washed the kids