Friday, May 27, 2011

Back for the Summer?

Hey everyone!!

Of course I've missed all of my beautiful followers so much. You may be reading this because you were directed from my video, or you may be reading it because you follow my blog, which is even better! As you may know I have begun posting videos on youtube again. I am doing this because I absolutely love making videos and I missed it so much. I stopped making videos this year because I knew I had to focus on school and on my family, because youtube really does take a great deal of time. I did not want to be just posting videos every other month, so I decided to take a hiatus. I did not want to post my first video explaining why I was gone because I thought it would be a waste a video and I could just direct you guys here. I hope to constantly be making videos this summer and I hope to get some great feedback from you guys.

I love you all very much.