Thursday, November 27, 2008

Growing Collection

If you have seen my makeup collection video on youtube, then you know how little my collection was. And if you havnt seen it, watch it here [:

ANYWAYS... I have recently taken pictures of my new collection, and you can see how much it has grown! I love almost every single one of my products, and I want to thank all of you for inspiring me with makeup.
Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving

Monday, November 24, 2008

Bronzer or Powder?

Here is why I thought the ELF Clarifying Pressed Powder was a bronzer. I compared it to my maybelline bronzer and here is what I got.
The first picture is the maybelline bronzer, the second is the pressed powder. In the third it shows the pressed powder on the left and the bronzer on the right. The sad thing is that i got the powder in the lightest shade possible, but yet it still turns out orange. Blehh, dont buy this product.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Sharpened All My Liners This Weekend.

I pretty much hate sharpening my eyeliners. But I was so bored this weekend, and I decided to bite the bullet and go ahead. Most of them turned out pretty nicely, except my MAC Powerpoint. Which is a shame cause thats the pencil I use everyday. Oh Well. Here is a picture of all my hard work.


Todays face I wore on a sunday. On Sundays I like to use products that I normally don't use during the week. I skipped on the concealer today [: yay. I also skipped on my UDPP and used a concealer that I never usually use as an eye base. Im trying to use up products I bought, but I ended up not liking.
My hair is blehhh today, forgive me, Im just headed off to Ulta to buy more needless makeup [:
But I did make a list, so im somewhat in control.
As another side note: I really hate the great lash mascara, but again, Im trying to use it up on days that I just need a little color on the lashes

-Organic Wear Tinted Moisturizer
-Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse
-NYX Blush in Mauve

-MAC Powerpoint in Engraved
-Great Lash Mascara
-CG Invisible Concealer as base
-Revlon Soft On The Eyes Pallete in Whisper Sweet Neutrals.
-MAC Fix+

-YSL Lip Twins Duo
-Burts Bees Honey Lip Balm

I have minimal product on my face. [:

Saturday, November 22, 2008

I <3 My Viewers

I was complaining about have little space in my eye drawer, and babigirlmide replied to my video saying i should put my mascaras into a cup.
thank you babigirlmide for this tip! Now I have so much space in that draw, and better yet I can see all my mascaras from the top [:

I love hearing from yall

Friday, November 21, 2008

Smashbox Value Set Review

Master's Class Vol. 3 Complexion Perfection - Fair
(176$ Value)

Comes With:

--High Definition Healthy Fx Foundation SPF 15 in Light L1 (1oz)
--Hybrid 2-in-1 Luminizing Primer in Flash (0.98 oz)
--Pressed Powder/Bronze Lights Duo in Fair/Light (0.42 oz)
--Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer in 2.0 (0.08 oz)
--Photo Op Under Eye Brightener (0.24 oz)
--Baby Buki Brush
--Travel Foundation Brush
--Instructional DVD


--Overall- Many people seem to like this kit. The average rating on sephora is 4/5 stars. And these are the stats on Less people seem to like it on makeup alley. I would have to agree with makeup alley. I would give it an overall 3.5 out of 5. I do like a couple products in here a lot, but the inconsistency with these colors and products makes me not like the kit.

Overall rating 3.6
Number of reviews 9
Would buy this product again 66%
Package Quality 4.3
Price 2.7

--High Definition Healthy Fx Foundation SPF 15 in Light L1 (1oz)
This color doesn't match my skin tone at all. It is way too orangey, which is odd to me because I purchased the lightest color. It has a really nice texture, but it fades within 4 or 5 hours. It leaves my face a little oily, but then again, it doesn't say that it is mattifying. It has seperation in the bottle, so that shows that the formula might not be top notch. I like the application though. 3/5

--Hybrid 2-in-1 Luminizing Primer in Flash (0.98 oz)
I LOVE this product. I dont really know what hybrid 2 in 1 means, but it definately is luminizing. It leaves me face silky and soft. It feels like velvet when I apply it onto my face. It takes about one to two minutes to dry. It also makes your mineral foundation application really easy. I like to use this without my other smashbox products sometimes. 4.5/5

--Pressed Powder/Bronze Lights Duo in Fair/Light (0.42 oz)
I probably like the darker side to this better than the lighter side. The darker side makes good use for contouring, and its really blendable. The pressed powder side however, isn't my favorite. It looks really nice when I first apply it, but after a couple hours, I feel like all the reasons to apply powder on in the first place are broken. Shine comes through, and the powder fades after a couple hours. 4/5 only because of the contouring side.

--Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer in 2.0 (0.08 oz)
Really good for touch ups, and its so easy to carry around. If you apply it before or after foundation in the morning, you will need to touch up. The color looks good on me. 4/5

--Photo Op Under Eye Brightener (0.24 oz)
This is another good product out of this kit. I feel like its the only product that actually does what it says it will, and it actually stays on. This would be worth buying seperate from the kit. Its so versatile and can be used on the cupids bow, cheekbones, bridge of nose or undereyes. 4.5/5

--Baby Buki Brush
Blehh, this isnt soft at all ]: it almost hurts. I dont like the size, and I dont like the coverage. It seems like the just whipped together a cheap brush to add to this kit. Although I do occasionally use this because I have no other travel sized buki besides the mini mini bare minerals one.

--Travel Foundation Brush
In fact, I do really like this brush. I alternate this brush with my ecotools bursh, and we all know I love my ecotools brush. It provides flawless coverage and the size is so cute, and it gets into hard to reach places. The only thing in the kit that I give 5/5

flychic3312000, I hope this review was helpful, and sorry it took me so long to get to your request.

Favorite Blush Swatches

Starting from top to bottom:

NYX Sand
NYX Mauve
ELF Natural Radiance Blusher in Glow
Dior Blush in Hottest Pink
Bare Escentuals Pure Radiance Blush

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Studio-ELFs New Line

Elf has just launched a new line called Studio. This line is a little different compared to elfs normal products because everything in this line is 3$ as opposed to 1$.
It consists of:
-eyeliner & shadow stick
-eyebrow treat & tame
-eyebrow kit
-lengthening & volumizing mascara
-under eye concealer & highlighter
-eyebrow lifter & filler
-eye primer & liner sealer
-lip primer & plumper
-lip liner & blending brush
-lip definer & shaper
-translucent matifying powder
-contouring blush & bronzing powder
-concealer pencil & brush
-waterproof lengthening & volumizing mascara

I would guess that the reason these products are 3$ is because most of the products are double sided. So the quality will probably end up being the same as their 1$ products.

This is their eyebrow kit- which comes in light medium and dark

This is their Contouring Blush and Bronzer Compact which comes in one shade.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Do You Love to Shop at Sephora??

Purchase anything online for over twentyfive dollars and get this kit free.
Just enter this coupon code-"beautybox"
It has 15 full size samples and a mini train case.
This is such a deal because mostly everything at sephora is over 25$. So next time you are thinking of purchasing something-make sure you get it online at sephora.

Thanks for reading! Im always here to let you guys in on the latest deals.