Thursday, December 30, 2010

LUSH: Buy One Get One Sale

Lush: Buy One Get One Sale!!

Lush is/was having a B1G1 sale on all of their soaps and all of their christmas goods!

When I managed to get to my store they still had a lot of gifts left.

From my wonderful boyfriend, I had already received two gift sets from lush and a soap gift set ---> there will be another post on those coming up soon. Because of this I didn't want to go crazy because I knew it would take me forever to go through everything.

The two sets I got were Chillin with my Gnomeys and the Good Karma set. One was fifteen dollars and one was overall a good deal.

Now....Heres the catch. I promised myself I would not open these until I was done with all of the gifts from my boyfriend, but I just wanted to show you ladies the pictures of the beautiful wrap, and the card that says whats inside. I'm super stoked to try out these products.

Let me know if you've tried any of these.
ALSOOO let me know if you work at lush or you know anyone who does...I WOULD LOVE TO WORK THERE. I plan on majoring in chemistry in college and I would love to mix up new products or create new things. MMM sounds like heaven to me!