Sunday, January 9, 2011

Current Product Obsessions 1/9

I dont have too many obsessions right now. I didnt want to write about something I didnt ABSOLUTELY love. I'm kinda in between liquid and powder foundations right now.

MakeupForever Camouflage Concealer Palette
I absolutely love the peach color for undereyes. I use it almost everyday as you can tell from the picture.
These concealers are SOOO CREAMY. But the weird thing is that some of them are more creamy than others...Idk how I feel about that haha.
In the summer I use the middle color, and in the winter I use the right two colors. Sometimes I blend the green into the concealers to not make it too opaque green.
The great thing about this is that it stays all day, its good coverage, and it has every color for all year round.

Lip Combination: Revlon Apricot Fantasy + Revlon Pink Pout (#120+#002)
I always apply the pearl finish Apricot Fantasy first because Pink Pout it a matte, so I love the layering affect it gives me. I also feel like the apposing colors or peach and bright pink combine to give you the perfect color. It has so much dimension to it and its not like any other color you can get with just one lipstick.
Even if you dont own these lipsticks, I really recommend layering lipsticks to try and find your favorite combination. and if you already have one...Let ME KNOW!!

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