Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wishlist update

I got my TFSI

Im not sure how i feel about it in comparison to UDPP.

I think i might like UDPP better :/
oh well.. I had to try to figure it out.

-MAC Rose Fix+ from the rose romance collection[realize..i dont need]
-UDPP/TFSI..idk which one
-MAC 15 pallete
-MAC MoistureLush Creme[trying other brands]

-MAC Brush Cleanser
-NARS Deep Throat
style warrior!!

new addition


ab22heartsmac said...

once yyou start using accutane you will like TFSI better because it is better for dry skin then UDPP(personal experience)

makeupblogger said...

@abb22heartsmac oh yea-that makes a lot of since. haha its like i secretly planned for it.