Wednesday, April 29, 2009

in with the new

Im retireing these products that i used to use in the winter.
-Estee Lauder Foundation [its just getting too heavy for summer wear]
-Mac Sweet William cream blush [i dont want this melting of my face]
-MAC fluidline [ill probably stick with eye pencils this summer-in fun colors!]
-MAC powerpoint [this is way too mushy and dark for summer]
-Sally's charcoal eyeshadow from lauren [i want to move to lighter colors!]

Out with the old, in with the new.

Im starting to pick up these products for summer:
-2 sephora quads [i havent used these in forever-they are really shimmery and fun]
-MAC lipstick in marquise D [yay for pretty pinks]
-Covergirl tranquil sands [need i say more? its GORGEOUS]
-bare minerals foundation [perfect summer foundation. plus spf 15]
-Neutrogena coral slimshine looking thing [corals are so in]
-chanel eye kohl [i know its dark..but i just need to finish it up lol]

do yalll have any colors/products that you are whipping out for summer. tell me in the tagboard [:


jbfan&cameos'mom said...

What perfumes are you whipping out? I am loving So?...Kiss me!

It's yummmmy!!!

i'm also using lighter corals rather than hot pinks and clear l/g. I don't have much makeup, so just experimenting still. I want to order from spell, glamourdolleyes and lime crime :D

LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog btw!

makeupblogger said...

glamourdolleyes is great. and thanks for the compliment about my blog. i havent been wearing purfumes lately..but body sprays seem appropriate for summer [:

Victoria said...

You should try Tarte cheek stains! They stay on all day. I once went to an amusement park in 100 degree weather and it stayed all day. Through sweat, tears, and heat!