Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Skincare

I halfway have my new skincare routine set up; but I need some help from you guys!

Cleanser? I dont have a cleanser that I like yet. I need one for dry skin, and a light one would be nice. Any reccomendations?

Makeup Remover- I use a generic brand liquid one for eyes. I like it fine for now. It does the job.

Moisturizer- I use Ponds for dry and sensitive skin, but I am always looking for new ones. If you guys know any for dry skin. Let me know.

Primer-I know that this doesnt really fall into skin care..but thats ok. I need a good one. Any help?

Sunscreen-I use this neutrogena spf 55 one. I love it.

And I think thats it. Leave any products that you know are good in the comments below.


Anonymous said...

I luv the Clarins Lotion Toner
Its a bit expensive but it is amazing!
The Dollar Store Makeup Removing Wipes work really well and its is only a dollar!
Also, the Neutrogena SunScreen is amazing! One of the best sunscreens I have ever come across!
Also, the Clean and Clear Morning Burst or the Oily Free Acne Wash is really amazing!

BTW its me pinkpokadot07

Abbie said...

A good cheap cleanser is the Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser (FOR SENSITIVE SKIN).

I REALLY love Purity Made Simple (cleanser) by Philosophy..ahhhh it's amazing! My skin has pretty much cleared up since I started using it. Unfortunately I can't really afford to keep on using it.. :( I think it's good for all skin types though. :D

Hillarie said...

Both of the Cetaphil cleansers are great, in my opinion. I also seem to have great results with Olay and Cetaphil as far as moisturizers go... but if you have random dry spots, definitely try cocoa butter.

Hope I helped!

Bella B. said...

I've really gotten into Dr. Hauschka products lately -- they've made my skin really glow! The Milk Cleanser also doubles as a makeup remover, so you get a 2 for one. :)

dancer4774 said...

I use Neutrogena Liquid Cleanser. It's so gentle and its great for senative skin like mine!
ps its dancer4774!

Anonymous said...

a really good moisturizer that i like is clinique moisture surge moisturizer, its super good for dry skin.
a good primer is face base skin primer from model co, its exactly like the smashboz photo finish primer! :)

Anonymous said...

A really good cleanser for dry skin would be the Clinique 3-step system cleanser.It really cleans and isn't harsh at all! I would recommend getting the whole system which is the cleanser, toner and moisturizer (the gel one i prefer it to the lotion.) It's kind of expensive but well worth it. Oh and btw they have 4 types and I use the one for combination and I love it. I think dry skin is type one but you can take the quiz online or go to macys and ask them at the counter.


Hope this helped :]

Anonymous said...

I cant use a cleanser with many ingredients in it. My skin goes krazzzyyy, as if it isnt always broken out(which i havent had a clear day since probably 4 years ago!) :( but i love the johnson&johnson purpose for sensitive skin cleansing wash. i use it with my clarisonic though & i love it! plus my skin does good with it but even tea tree oil makes my skin breakout which its supposed to clear up. oh well. id watch out for the ingredients in the Ponds stuff though, cause most of the things have mineral oil in it which is not good for your skin at all.

SJ said...

hey claire its SJ

moisturizer that is amazing is: jamieson provitamina E Natural Radiance Moisture Lotion <3

Anonymous said...

Cetaphil is the way to go. Their normal cleanser and normal moisturizer are awesome, gentle and moisturizing.

I have just started the "oil cleansing method" and if you're interested, then go to "theoilcleansingmethod.com"

Instead of using regular makeup remover, I would use olive oil. Watch this video ! "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lc-8onVA5Jk"

Good luck !

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Clique Liquid Facial Soap. I use it everytime I wash my face, and it's very good for dry skin. I use it in mild, but you would probably want extra mild because of dry skin.

hope that helped. :)

ina said...

read my review on continious renewal serum from md.formulations :)(bambiina) http://makeupalley.com/product/showreview.asp?ItemId=106442&SortBy=rating-desc&AgeRange=0&skintonetype=-2

J16Reid said...

CLEANSER/MOISTURIZER - So I'm IN LOVE with the Body Shop Aloe Line for sensitive skin. The foaming cleanser and Day/Night cream. I won't use anything else now that I've started my Accutane treatment! (I'm 3 weeks in). I'm not sure if you have access to a body shop where you are?? Also, dove cream (not bar) facial moisturizers, I have one meant for sensitive skin and it is really moisturizing and I use it to take my face makup off at night.
SCALP- For your scalp because it most likely will get really really dry! AG Stimulating Balm for Dry Scalp and Hair found in Salons(Don't use Head and Shoulders!).
SUNSCREEN - Neutrogena Sunscreen is the BEST!
REMOVER - I'm using an Almay brand meant for sensitive skin that is Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover Liquid (Has aloe, cucumber, green tea, %100 fragrance free)
****Also keep away from cleansers, moisturizers etc. that have added fragrances, dyes and whatnot because putting them on your face when it's dry and sensitive will cause it to sting and burn and get even more irritated :(
**** Baby Oil for your body, quick and easy moisturizer, just put on when your get out of the shower then pat off
~~~Hope this helps!! :) ~~~
You can also follow my video log on youtube, I'm J16Reid :)

Tesni said...

Have you tried the Lush skincare products? Their toner sure is good :) and I like their cleansers too.

not tried the moisturiser but you could go in for a free sample.

Mandy said...

Hey a REALLY good moisturizer Proactive green tea moisturizer! i love it! even thought when you put it on it feels a little tingly it really feels good and is light weight and smooths your skin out! Also is u want a tinted one smashbox is great i love it and it has spf 19!

Allina said...

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