Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Update 1

I kind of want to call this a vlog...? But its not lol, its just an update.
For those of you that have already noticed and said congrats to me...thank you. Everyone is too sweet with their comments.
I MADE PARTNER. I applied a little while ago and I was begginning to think youtube forgot about me haha. I dont have banners yet...so I might do a contest with that kinda like steffistricks? idk though. lol. Any ideas?
I also am putting up my makeup collection soon, and Im in the middle of filming my style video..although that wont be up for a while.

I have started trying out some lush things..and I will do a review.
Thanks to everyone who has been leaving comments on the blog..be sure to check back where you commented..cause the chances are high that i have replied.

thanks everyonee!!


Heather said...

ohmygosh i love your hair in that picture. it looks so cute! please do a tutorial!

Anonymous said...


Lily said...

OMG your hair looks sooo amazing
tutorial pleasee! : )