Thursday, May 28, 2009

Accutane Day 1

May 27th.

Ok, So I was gonna start an accutane diary in my videos- but then I realized I had too many other videos I needed to get Im starting one up here...fair enough?

Ill just be posting what day im on, the side effects, how I feel, and how my acne is. I know that this is a 5 month long treatment; so I wont be seeing changes right away. I hope to educate you guys a lot about accutane, and if you have any questions, leave them below.

I normaly HATE pictures without my makeup..but I want to show where I started. I've had worse weeks than this, and I've had better...this is kinda in the middle.

This is mostly scarring on my cheek, but there are a couple breakouts there too. My main problem is on my cheeks.

I have a couple ones on my forehead that your cant see that well, and one or two on my chin.

This side of my face just recovered from a breakout. There were like 4 or 5 in a line across my face..BLEHH.

Right now im on 40mg per day. Hahahhahah I need to show you the packaging, because if you get pregnant while on accutane your child will have birth defects, so on every single capsule there is a picture of a pregnant lady with a line slashing her out. sheesh.

Right now I have oily skin, and I almost never get dry skin on my body. I occasionally get dry skin on my face.
Im using ponds lotion for dry skin for my face. And cetaphil for my body. Im also using Aquaphor for my lips. NOO CHAPPED LIPS WHILE ON ACCUTANE [like thats gonna happen]

Well i hope you enjoyed this little[long] post. Any questions, or you want to share your own experience..please comment below. I love hearing from you.


Antonea said...

Thanks for posting this!. Acne can be so embarrassing so i am glad you are willing to share this with us.

I tried a different acne medication and i hated it. i wanted to try this but i hear its pretty expensive.

I hope it works out

alex said...

aquaphor is a life saver big time

J16Reid said...

CLEANSER/MOISTURIZER - So I'm IN LOVE with the Body Shop Aloe Line for sensitive skin. The foaming cleanser and Day/Night cream. I won't use anything else now that I've started my Accutane treatment! (I'm 3 weeks in). I'm not sure if you have access to a body shop where you are?? Also, dove cream (not bar) facial moisturizers, I have one meant for sensitive skin and it is really moisturizing and I use it to take my face makup off at night.
SCALP- For your scalp because it most likely will get really really dry! AG Stimulating Balm for Dry Scalp and Hair found in Salons(Don't use Head and Shoulders!).
SUNSCREEN - Neutrogena Sunscreen is the BEST!
REMOVER - I'm using an Almay brand meant for sensitive skin that is Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover Liquid (Has aloe, cucumber, green tea, %100 fragrance free)
****Also keep away from cleansers, moisturizers etc. that have added fragrances, dyes and whatnot because putting them on your face when it's dry and sensitive will cause it to sting and burn and get even more irritated :(
**** Baby Oil for your body, quick and easy moisturizer, just put on when your get out of the shower then pat off
~~~Hope this helps!! :) ~~~
You can also follow my video log on youtube, I'm J16Reid :)

B-Summers said...

I'm glad you;re posting an accutane diary. I will definetely be keeping up with this. I have very horribly gross and oily acne and it's so embarassing. I've actually stopped going out and talking to people at school because I was just so frustrated and I felt so ugly. I always thought you had perfect skin because you can't see any of the blemishes on your skin in your videos and when you came out and said you were startingg accutane, I was so surprised. You usually look perfect!

amanda said...

hey! i watch your videos and love them! i know you probably already know about this but be careful because you can develop a disease called sudo tumor cerebre(have no clue how to spell it). my friend was on acutane but had to be taken off because of this disease. i also had this happen last year to me except mine happened for no apparent reason i almost went blind so i had surgery where a shunt was placed from my back to stomach. i am not trying to scare you but i just thought i would let u know to tell your doctor if you are getting horrible headaches a lot or your vision has changed! i hope this works for you and everything goes well!

Honey said...

How funny! I just started Accutane three days ago! haha. coincidence.

rockchick1021 said...

hi, thats soo nice of u to show us this so if were going thought the same thing! i just wanted to say that if u dont have ance all the time but occonaly get anoying pimples to try clearsal pads they realy clear ur skin up fast with out cleanig out ur wallet!

lauren said...

hey, i would just like to say that i love your videos
I was just wondering if you can help me with something.
I'm 13 and I have really blemishes and acne, I dont want to use medication but I would like to know if there are any good skincare products that helped you?
Please, I hate looking in the mirros most of the time and I feel like you can help me.

kailee walker said...

hey....i am in my fourth month of accutane... and it has worked! my side effects was very dry skin and chapped lips. i used vaseline on my face as a moisterizer and carmex for my lips.. the lips was the worst part. there were days that i had chunks of skin coming of of my lips...just stay moisterized...have fun!!

Anonymous said...

hey, my skin is A LOTTT like yours. and i have been on 4 different medications (one including birth control), 3 different topical gels and 3 facial cleansers, all perscribed by doctors but none of them have made my acne really go away. i recently went to the docter and she changed all of my products. she is putting me on a new medication, and a new topical (differin). she said if the new products dont work for me she said i am elidgable to use accutane. so if i dont start seeing a change then i think my mom wants me to try accutane. so i hope to keep seeing these blogs because i want to know if trying accutane is worth it.

good luck!!

Kate said...

hey I took this for my acne, and i just wanted to WARN you about the serious side affects! there is a HIGH risk of depression! it happened to me and was the most awful time of my life. It is more likely to happen to teenagers too. I don't want to scare you but you should know. I didn't find out about this until after I had finished the course. And it explained every that I had been going through! Don't be scared just be aware of how you are feeling and tell people around you to be aware of how you are! It is a fantastic drug to get rid of acne, just be careful!
Good Luck!x

shampoop118 said...

so how's the accutane going?
i started at the beginning of june, so not far behind you! hope it's going well!

Kimberly said...

Okay so I just recently started watching your videos on youtube and I love them! I just subscribed :)

I've been on Accutane once.. I started in late July 2008 and ended it in January 2009, and let me tell you.... I wish I could stay on it for the rest of my life!
1) If you have oily skin.. it makes your skin waay less oily so that it's like you have normal skin type.
2) It COMPLETELY rids you of your acne! And at that, it gives your skin time to heal scars!
3) It just works!

I'm real happy for you.. You wont regret it.. Accutane was a miracle worker for me. I seriously had PERFECT clear skin, no scars from July 2008 - April 2009.. Since then.. I've been getting pimples here and there and sometimes breakout.. But not bad at all! They are manageable now.

I think my doctor said that after Accutane you're skin will respond better to treatments.. He was right.

So good luck!! Keep us posted! :)

Oh! And some must haves for skin care are:
- Dove sensitive skin soap bar
- Aveeno clear complexion moisturizer and Aveeno Ultra calming moisturizer
- Burts Bees/Aquaphor

Sara Marie said...

I actually just started accutane too. I am four days in and already have breakouts and dry skin, but it's not bad at all. Hope all goes well for you and can't wait to see if this pill actually works! good luck