Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cant Live Without #1

I saw a little section on the beauty blog: http://www.handbag.com/

-MAC BROW GEL im almost done with this, i have the clear version. i cant decide if i want to buy the brow finisher, or the brow gel again when i run out.
-MISS DIOR CHERIE this was my fave perfume for the longest time. i stopped wearing it for a while, and now im back into it. yay
-PONDS DRY SKIN CREAM- two words. accutane savior.
-URBAN DECAY DESLICK POWDER this didnt do wonders when i had super oily skin, but now i like it to reduce minimal shine
-MAC STUDIO FINISH CONCEALER this is THE BEST concealer ever. nothing competes...nothing.
-WIDE AWAKE ive been reading nonstop. i decided to reread while waiting for the last chapter [52] and im on 39 right now. Ive decided to finish rereading before i go onto 52..but the suspense is killing me.

OK SO THATS IT. i know this is a kinda a lame knockoff of monthly faves..but i need something cool for my blog, and i thought it was a good idea. you like this stuff..right?


cay said...

nice! which one is your absolute fav

cay said...

reply on twitter caycayalltheway

Jaz said...

How did you get your skin to stop being super oily?

makeupblogger said...

@jaz im on accutane and it makes my skin really dry

Aubree said...

Hmmm I think I'm going to get the UD Deslick powder during the friends & family sale!

Diana said...

I am OBSESSED with wide awake too!
I read the last chapter yesterday,and i think I'm going to have to read the story all over again.

clg145 said...

yep i like this stuff :) just thought i'd give a response :)
anyone got any good drug store concealers??
cant afford mac really :(