Monday, August 10, 2009

Awesome Makeup Wipes.

So lately ive been using the 2$ baby wipes to take off my makeup. I found that they were rough on my skin, and they hardly got everything off, so i opted to go for the slightly more expensive wipes. Although ive heard MACs wipes are good, the price just didnt draw me in.

I chose for the Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing towelettes. They are "night calming"

Changing from those babys wipes, to these towelettes has been amazing!
You seriously only need a couple swipes for the eye makeup, and it comes off so easily and without pulling your eye area. Also I get a ton of my foundation off with it, which is amazing.

The scent is great, idk how to explain it, but its...calming. haha.

There are only 25 in the pack, which kinda sucks..i wish there were more. they were about $5 give or take a few bucks.

I found mine at walgreens..but we all know where to find neutrogena...right?

What are you fave makeup wipes?



Antonea said...

I love the ones from wal-mart-equate brand

I got like 120 (i think) for about $5-6

And they work great! i hardly need toner to take off any makeup residue.

try them out!

coolerthanu211 said...

I use the equate brand from walmart.
They come in a little tub type thing with like 100 wipes or more and you can buy refills for the tub. And they are cheep and work great!

Ashley said...

I use Equate Facial Wipes aswell, they are so good! They take off my make-up in a few swipes, I also have the Equate exfoliating wipes :)

I'll have to try the Neutrogena ones! I've heard all postive things on them :)

Anonymous said...

coincidentally i just started using those same wipes on friday night! i really like them so far, they irritate my skin a little and i hope that'll change after a week or so once i get used to them, but they compleatly remove all my makeup!

sephoratrash said...

I use those too. They work nicely.

Hillarie said...

I've tried the regular Neutrogena Makeup Removing Wipes and I'm not sure if I could justify buying the original ones, but I'm more interested in the new Deep Clean wipes.

I have tried the Equate wipes and they were okay, but I didn't love them. Maybe I need to try other stuff? haha

makeupblogger said...

hahah im getting a lot of equate. i guess i will have to try them out [:

alex said...

i use the ponds wipes :)

Callisonanne said...

I can't remember if you have a mac or not but if you used photo booth for the picture then you can go and click on edit and then do flip photo and auto flip new photos and it won't give you the backwards stuff. I use the neutrogena make up removing face wash and I LOVE that stuff.

K.Lauren said...

Ive used Olay and Ponds and they worked well. To me they worked the same and i just try and find wipes that have a lot in them so that in say a month im not back buying more. Im going to be trying neutrogena next

Emma said...

Omg, it seems a lot of people use the Wal-Mart Equate makeup wipes...

well, guess what? That's my fave too. :P

Anonymous said...

my favorite makeup wipes are mac. :) i guess they're $5 dollars more than the neutrogena wipes if you buy the pack of 100, since 4 packs of the neutrogena wipe= 100 wipes and that's $20 (plus tax) and the mac wipes are $25.

kiwi said...

i use the same brand except the blue version (the neural? basic? whatever non calming version) and they're awesome too :)

i've read reviews that oil+cotton pad cleansing isnt good enough and some sort of scrubs is required to fully clean the skin, i wonder if this is true for these wipes too.

Anonymous said...

makeupblogger: I know you probably won't check this but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come back to youtube! I miss your videos so much. I have been watching your videos for over a year and I love them. You are my favorite guru of all time. I loved that you mixed drugstore and high end brands and I loved your videos. Please come back! You got me interested in makeup and because of you I learned a lot about it. Thank you so much. PLEASE come back! We miss you!