Friday, July 17, 2009


ok, so we all know ive been ignoring you.
hahah before july i was so good about updating my blog, but now i suck. i used to have so many ideas, but now i have none.

I think everyone should comment below with their fave type of vid to see, and their least fave.
But it has to relate to the type of videos i do.


this is the latest picture ive taken..boring.

btw check out my latest vid.


s я υ т н i said...

I really love reviews and hauls.
But, I don't like tutorials.


Anonymous said...

I like do your hair videos

Anonymous said...

My favorite video is ones where you give us really great tips and tricks for all types of stuff, especially hair & makeup. My least favorite type of video is... Hmmm... a tutorial if it's boring i guess. Lol (:

Hillarie said...

My favorite videos are reviews. Least favorites are makeup tutorials with crazy colors.

I'm not too picky about videos

malea said...

reviews, tutorials and hauls :)

clg145 said...

i love hair videos
and hauls (but i know its hard to do lots cos then you would be spending hundreds!)
and makeup for everyday that doesnt make you look crazy
videos with lots of babbling kinda bore me but you dont do that too much
also i love stuff with bargains :)

Anonymous said...

i <3 ur reviews and hauls. u make them really interesting!
i dont watch ur turtorials. no offense at all!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty interested in your treatment course of acccutane (I'm on it right now) so I'd like to see actual videos of your progress and how you are doing!

Anonymous said...

i love mac collection videos!!