Monday, July 20, 2009

Accutane Day 55

Im on 80mg a day.
One pill morning and night.
July 20th

on the bright eyebrows look good.

ok so i have a couple pimples. A LOT A LOT A LOT of that is scarring, which is good, because that means i can cover it up easier. I only have a couple "active/real" pimples by my temple, the one down by my jawline, and a couple on the cheek..that blends in with all the scarring. none on my chin anymore.

ew...bad ones on the forehead..and some on the chin..and some...everywhere haha

Most of the ones on my cheek is actually scarring. The ones by my chin are still there, and near my temple.

I have really noticed the size of my pimples have gone down. Although i still do get blemishes, I find that I dont spend my day worrying about them, and I even went to walgreens without makeup on today. WHICH IS CRAZY. I deff dont feel completely confident with my face yet, [i hoped no one i knew would see me] but i have come to the point where i dont feel like i need to pack on the foundation.

I got my blood drawn today..and I dont mind getting my blood drawn because apparently i have big veins from cross country haha!
i will know tomorrow the results when i go to the derm.

ALSO. I just wanted to let you know that my face is a little worse lately because its...that time of the month haha.
I always break out its all good i guess.


-chapped lips, but they still have not cracked at all!!
-minor back aches..every so ofter.
-drier hair [WHICH I LOVE]..i now dont have to wash it EVERYDAY

i dont really have that bad of dry skin or anything!!
Its actually kinda crazy that i dont have many symptoms because im on a VERY high dosage for my weight and age. I know people who are in their twenties...and they are still on 40mg and they still have bad symptoms.

So everything is smooth. thanks for reading, comment below if you have seen a change.


Lily said...

i see a BIG difference! : ) thats so great how you didnt wear foundadtion! yay! i'm happy for you : D

Callison said...

I think it's really cool that you are sharing this with us. I'm sure a lot of people are looking into this system and will base their decision off your blogs. I'm sure it's weird to blog about it but we really appreciate it! I hope one day you can go on a vacation or trip and not have to bring any foundation or concealer!!

Rebecca said...

Hey,i used to be on accutane too and have just come off it. I found that whilst i was on it my scars actually seemed redder but now im off it they have completely faded and im so happy with the results!
My lips were so dry too! but they never cracked :) and its absolutely brilliant not having to wash your hair as much, i managed three days without washing it! good luck with everything :) x

Becky said...

Kudos to you for having the balls to put your journey online! I was on accutane when I was 19 (I'm now 27) and that drug was a godsend! Let me just say I had even worse acne than you did and it really made a dramatic difference for me. It wasn't my cure (some ppl need a 2nd course of it and I'm probably one of those ppl), but it definitely was worth it.

Side effects I developed didn't come on strong until I was well into my treatment so be prepared to possibly have some creep up on you. I developed constant sweating, skin that easily blushed (still have that one, just not as extreme), and I had a bad reaction during Xmas break from school that my deem had never seen. I basically developed what looked like (and felt like) a sunburn on my face. I don't remember now what we did for it, but it's one of the reasons I'm too chicken to try another course.

Good luck with the treatment! I hope your acne will soon just be a distant memory!

Emma said...

I have a suggestion for your acne scars. There's a cream called mederma , that's made specifically to treat scars, and it's suppose to be really good at fading away scars. It's an over the counter cream, so u could find it at any drug store , or pharmacy. Hope that helps.