Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hair Dilemma

I need yalls help; tell me in the comments below.

OKAY SO: I really want to grow out my hair because
1] i think long hair looks pretty
2]when its long without layers it doesnt get too curly and its easy to maintain
3] with longer bangs they dont get all crazy if you dont style them

but the problems with continuing to grow out my layers, hair, and bangs are as follows
1]it looks so drab when i dont straighten it..and im lazy
2]it doesnt scrunch hardly..and then it continues to look drab.
3]and its just blehkadjf; boring haha

OKAY SO: I want to get some layers because
1]its something new
2]it might scrunch better
3]and it will look healthier

but the problems with getting layers are as follows
1]the layers will end up being wavy while the rest of my hair is straight
2]the layers dont stay as straight for long
3]ill have to take care of bangs again.

so pick which option you like bettter, or offer something new.

Im probably gonna end up getting long layers or something cause im a wuss and im lazy. help [:

you can link any pictures too!! keep in mind my hair is pretty straight with mild waves naturally


Sienna said...

Hi Claire!
I would get long layers because you have long hair and it wouldn't cause any of the dilemmas that you stated. I think that it would still be easy to manage but it would scrunch better and make your hair look like it has more shape and not one long piece. (ok so that made no sence sorry!) but with long layers it would be easier to grow back! I hope that helps~ plus it would be thinner at the ends :]

dancetothemusicxxx said...

Maybe you could try side swept bangs. Is that something youve ever wanted? Maybe you can have layers in the front but not the back?

sephoratrash said...

My hair is really long, it's all the way down my back. It can look dull and it is kind of hard to take care of. But I got a ton of layers cut, while still keeping the length. It really helped with volume and body because longer hair tends to weigh itself down. I haven't had any problems scrunching my hair. Good luck (:

Amanda :) said...

I have the same hair type as you. At the moment, I have pretty long hair (middle of back) with long layers and side bangs. It scrunches pretty well and stays straight well too. The only problem is that my layers tend to not stay as straight as my longer pieces of hair. Normally, the ends of the layers will curl out after like a few hours. Also, my layers tend to also frizz very, very easily in any slight humidity. So, I think you should get side bangs cut in but grow out your layers (they are such a pain in the summer!!). Then maybe ask the stylist to angle your hair towards your face (meaning, the hair closer to your face will gradually be slightly shorter, creating the illusion of an angle) which will keep your hair from looking 'blehh', but is still very easy to manage.