Friday, March 13, 2009

High End VS Drugstore Concealers

The first picture you see is Loreal True Match Concealer. The second picture you see is MAC Studio Finish Concealer.



-Its cheap only $9
-Its available in so many places, anywhere they sell drugstore makeup.
-There are tons of different shades, so you can find the right one.
-It lasts quite a long time, but not as long as MAC Studio Finish.
-It comes with an applicator unlike Studio Finish
-Its small and portable
-It's super blendable and it doesnt look fake
-GREAT for undereyes


-It doesnt last ALL day
-Isnt as good on acne and blemishes

Studio Finish


-Its really creamy
-It covers acne really well
-It covers scars really well
-It stays on longer than LOREAL
-Small, portable container
-Back To MACable
-Has a TON of product in it

-Isnt that great for undereyes
-Can look a bit cakey if you put too much on
-More expensive than Loreal

So basically:

if you have acne and you are looking for a higher end concealer-go with the MAC
if you dont have that much acne and you want a cheaper concealer mainly for discoloration and under eye circles-go with the loreal.

requested by: thespianxx

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