Saturday, October 11, 2008

ELF Haul.

About a week ago I got my ELF [eyes lips face] package in the mail!
The shipping took about a week and a half, which isnt too bad, and I got all my products fully intact [:

warning: picture heavy.

foundation brush-Its a little thin, but its not too bad. I like my ecotools one better.
eyeliner brush-I wish it was angled. But im going to use in the future, for sure.
concealer brush-Its too small for me, and I feel like its too hard for my undereye circles and blemishes, it might irrate them more.
eyeshadow brush-If you dont have this brush, you need to go buy it! AHH its great, a little big, but it packs on color amazing!
lip brush-its not pictured because I seriously like lost it two seconds before I took this shot. But it adds on great color! I love it, and hopefully I will find it.

Lip Products:

candyshop lip tins-The smell is horrible, but when I apply with the lip brush, I really like the result. They are really true to their colors, and the pink one is my favorite.
luscious liquid lipstick-the color is really shimmery, but the lasting power is horrible. The smell isnt too bad.

These are my two single shadows in Periwinkle and Sage. As you can probably already tell, they are pretty pigmented, BUT be SURE to use a base.

Im gonna say it again

BE SURE TO USE A BASE. All of the ELF shadows show up WAY better when you use a base, and even on my hand I used a base. The pay off isnt that great if you dont.

eyeshadow quad in Ivy- i love the fourth color. Unfortunately ELF doesnt have individual names for their colors in the quads. I used the first color in an upcoming video using NYX prodcuts.

eyeshadow quad in Luxe- Look at that red!! It so shimmery and gorgeous. I love it!!

This is the eye widener pencil. I hate it. The pencil is to firm for me to use around my eye area, let alone my waterline. But the built in sharpener is cool [:

Face Products:

Elf mineral foundation- I got this in light. It doesnt cover ANYTHING. The packaging is basically like ID BareMinerals. This prodcut was $5 as opposed to $1. I didnt like it.
Sheilding Hydro-Tint SPF 15- I really liked this product. The packaging makes it so its really easy to carry around with you, and I use it all day for touchups!
Clarifying Pressed Powder-This looks like an orange bronzer. It doesnt mattify my face, and I wouldnt recommend it.
Natural Radience Blusher in Glow- I love this! It gives my face a natural 'glow' like the color [: and its so pigmented and pretty.
All Over Cover Stick-This is too dry to really do anything. I dont like how it goes on the face either, its hard to blend.

So as you can see i have mixed reviews on all of my products. But the good thing is that everything is 1$ except their mineral line.
I have coupon codes in the description box to my video.

Check it out for more in depth:

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