Sunday, February 22, 2009

25 randoms!

i got tagged by:

1. i love orange juice. its pretty much the greatest thing invented.
2. my computer is spazzing out right now, the screen keeps going black.
3. i have a stamp on my hand right now, it says i love you and it has the sign language sign for it.
4. i used to not dream. but lately i've been getting them.
5. trust is something that doesnt come easily to me. and once you lose it, its hard to get back.
6. im really clumsy, and i always embarrass myself
7. beauty and the beast is the best movie ever
8. i make youtube videos
9. i have long arms and big hands.
10. i hate falling asleep in front of people, but sometimes i can't help it.
11. i have the best subscribers in the world
12. i have one or two best friends, i tell them everything
13. i wish i had a british accent, sometimes i fake it at school..people say it sounds australian. darn.
14. i wish i could speak russian and spanish fluently. without having to learn it ha.
15. i act like im 6, most people can't put up with me. so if you can, your really special.
16. i dont really care about a lot of stuff. so when i do care, i really really care.
17. i hate making decisions.
18. i hate being around sad people. cause their emotions transfer to me.
19. im not a movie person, i only have a couple movies that i like, that i will watch over and over again.
20. in seventh grade, i used to watch beauty and the beast every single day. no joke. <3
21. i hate suprises. they make me nervous.
22. i love fruit.
23. ha. i have a scar under my nose from falling off a washing machine.
24. my eyes go asian when i smile
25. i hate being somewhere where i dont belong.

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