Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hair Accessory Collection

Requested by Riotgirl60.
I decided not to do a video on this because my hair accessories aren't anything special. I usually dont do anything with my hair.


Ok this is an overview; nothing that great.

Hard headbands for practice. I always break these; I go through about 10 every month. lol.

Colorful hairties. I usually dont care if I match.

A green bow. I LOVE wearing bows. It even has a hair tie on the end so its really easy to wear.

Rollers; have I ever worn these? I don't think so lol.



BOWS; did I mention that I like to wear bows?

Bobby Pins, a must for everyone.

Clips for straightening my hair.

And just a bunch of extra crap. [:

Stretchy head bands for games.

Hope you were entertained? [:

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